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Group Tutoring & CL Refs


Martha Maxwell <[log in to unmask]>


Open Forum for Learning Assistance Professionals <[log in to unmask]>


Sat, 17 Jun 2000 20:17:21 -0400





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References on Group Tutoring, Collaboraative Learning and Self-contained
Study Groups.
Martha Maxwell

You;ll also want to look into the many SI References on the SI Website

It has over 450 refs.

Burmeister, S. The challenge of Supplemental
Instruction (SI): Improving student grades and retention.
In M. Maxwell, (Ed.) (1994). From Access to Success.
Clearwater FL: H&H Publishing Company.

Fullilove, R. E. & Treisman, P. U. (1990). Mathematics
achievement among African-American undergraduates
at the University of California-Berkeley: An evaluation of
the mathematics workshop program. Journal of Negro
Education, 59(3), 463-477.

MacDonald, R. B. (1991). An Analysis of Verbal
Interaction in College Tutorials. Journal of
Developmental Education, 15,(1), pp 2-12.

MacDonald, R.B. (1993). Group Tutoring Techniques.
Journal of Developmental Education, 17(2), 12-18.

Martin, D. C. & Arendale, D. R. (Eds.) (Winter, 1994).
Supplemental Instruction: Increasing Achievement and
Retention. New Directions for Teaching and Learning,
No. 60. San Francisco: Jossey Bass Publishers.

Parker, J. F. (1 997). Beyond cooperative learning. In
Dwinell, P. L. & Higbee, J. L. (Eds.) Developmental
Education:Enhancing Student Retention. Carol Stream,
IL: National Association of Developmental Education.

Trieisman, U. (1992). Studying students studying
mathematics: A look at the lives of minority
mathematics students in college. College Mathematics
Journal,23. 362-372.

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