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What's missing from my web page on learning/teaching links?


Ted Panitz <[log in to unmask]>


Open Forum for Learning Assistance Professionals <[log in to unmask]>


Mon, 2 Apr 2001 00:30:13 -0400





text/plain (696 lines)

Hi Listers,

     I have have been working on a page on my web site which has links
to other education related sites and the list is growing by leaps and
bounds. I am beginning to appreciate the expression information highway
more every day. The amount of information out there in cyberspace is
quite amazing.

     I would like to ask for your help in checking my list of content
areas to see what is missing and  request your suggestions on good web
sites to fill any voids. Also, I would like to ask whether  my
categories under the miscellaneous section make sense to you and do you
have any suggestions for additions here too?

    If you have an interesting web site suggestion which I could add to
my page please consider sending it to the whole list as well as directly
to me. I'm sure other list members would appreciate references to good
education oriented sites.

     My topic list  is shown below and the supporting web site
information and links may be accessed at

click on teaching/learning resources

   Thanks in advance for your feedback and help.

Education Resources For Teachers, Administrators, Students and Parents

                                  Content Specific Areas

new      Effective Teaching in Agricultural and Life Sciences Web Site
new      U. S. Department of Agriculture education resources

new           Art Education and ArtEdventures from Sanford and A
Lifetime of Color
new          The Incredible Art Department

           The Astronomy Cafe
           Astronomy Departments
           Astronomy & astrophysics preprints & abstracts
new     The Moon
new    SEDS-Students for the exploration and development of space
new    Lunar and Planetary Institute

          "Hot" Biology Web Sites
           Biology instructors
           Cell Biology topics
           Your Biology Web site!
           The Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE)
new    Teachnet.Com > Lesson Ideas > Science: Biology > Spring Fever

           Chemistry at EIS
           Miami Museum of Science-pH Panel
           175 CHEMISTRY sites

          The Drama teacher's Resource Room
         Storytelling, Drama, Creative Dramatics & Readers Theater for
Children & Young Adults
         Game Index
         Living Playbook
         National Standards for Theatre Education

              Earth Science in the Learning WEB
new       Ocean Theme
new       National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration educational

       Richard Felder's Home Page

     Specific Books
           The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
           Freak the Mighty
           Novel help for the novel:  Nothing But the Truth
           Chocolate Fever
           Paul Revere's Ride
           Number the Stars
           Huckleberry Finn
                Huckleberry Finn
                ClassicNotes: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
                American Literary Classics Library
           The Scarlet Letter
new    To Build a Fire
new    The complete works of William Shakespeare Online

     General guides and book lists
           Literature on the Internet
           Novel Study Guides K-8
           Book Units
           Familiar Quotations

           Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
           ML Language Arts Page
           Outta Ray's Head Poetry Lessons
new    Author Studies Homepage

    Miscellaneous topics
new      A Celebration of Women Writers
             Six-Trait Writing
new      SBC Academic Resource Center- A Writer's Checklist
new      Journal Writing Every Day: Teachers Say It Really Works!
            Grammar-Education Finder Page
                   The Parts of Speech
new             Guide to Grammar and Writing
            Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus
            English/LA Teacher Links
            National Council of teachers of English
            MYTHING LINKS
            Book Units Collection of lesson, units, activities
            Writing, Understanding Dysgraphia
            Gratitude Journals
            The Write Source
            Children’s Literature
new              Web Sites for Research Papers on Children's Authors
new              Authors and Children's Literature
           A-Z Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities by Book Title
           How the Language Really Works
           Syracuse University Writing Program
           Citing Online Sources
           Selected CAC Resources
           Spalding multisensory approach to language
            Tips, Tools & Ideas to Improve Your Writing
           Introduction to  Literature Circles
                  Literary Lessons- Literature Circles
           WAC Clearinghouse
           Author Online
            Improve vocabulary skills
           Readers Theater
                  Reader's Theater Editions
                  Readers Theatre Scripts of the Month
                  Caldecott Reader's Theater -- Casey at the Bat
           Learning & Writing Resources- from Clemson University
           Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
           Welcome to English exercises online
           Encyclopedia Mythica- Mythologies
                  Regional Folklore and Mythology
           Biography Maker
new    The Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois
new    Resources for Communication Across the Curriculum on

          Going Places Making Choices

         Foreign Language Database

new        Geography World
new        Geo Globe
              Odeon's The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping
new       Learning Web of science and geography education resources

            Canadian Rockhound: Junior Rockhound Magazine
            Rocks & Minerals WebQuest- Rocks & Minerals Detectives
            Blue Style Sample Page- Teacher Lesson Plans.
            Rocks webquest

new    American Women's History: A Research Guide
new                   Women's History Resources
new                   4000 Years of Women in Science
new                   links to Women's History Organizations
           Mr. Kash's history page
           Mr. Donn's World History Lesson Plans
          Historic Documents on Demand
          The Internet Modern History Sourcebook
          Gutenberg Bible (1455)
          New York Electoral College Web Site
          The Middle Ages: Feudal Life
          British History
          Investigations in American History
          American  History  from the colonial period until Modern Times

                   American Revolutionary War Timeline
                   Liberty! Chronicle: Timeline
           Castles on the Web: Castle Collections
                    Castles @
                    Castle Builder
           Notable Inventions and Discoveries of the 20th Century
new    Back In Time Historical Webquest

Holocaust Sites
             A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust Site Map
             Holocaust, Anne Frank and WW II Links
             Anne Frank and Children of the Holocaust
             BBC Online - History - War and Conflict - World War Two-
new      Delta Language Arts Webquest - Remember the Holocaust

           The American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges
           Pythagorean Theorem and its many proofs
           History of Mathematics
           Learning and Mathematics
           Math Forum-
           The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
           Topics in Mathematics
           Mathematics Encyclopedia
            Mathematics Education Resources
           The Mathematics Teacher Education Resource Place
           Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and  Puzzles
           Algebra Word Problems
           Puzzles For the Brain To Gnaw On
           A+ Math
            ICMI Study On the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at
University Level
           Absurd Math
           Elementary Arithmetic Activities
           Escape from Knab
           Graphing Calculator Activities
           Graphing Linear Equations
           History of Mathematics
           Math Goodies
           Math Never Dies
           Online Math Applications
           The National Math Trail
           The Problems With A Point
           Statistics  How accurate is polling?
           NOVA Online: The Proof
           e-Math: The Web Site of the American Mathematical Society
           Curious and Useful Math
           Sumfun A directory of math sites.
           Math Is Way Cool  A National Public Radio program
           This is MEGAMathematics!
           SAMI: Science and Math Initiatives and the Teacher Help
           The Numeracy Home Page
           U.S. Census Bureau
           The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher
           The Pi Pages
           The Chance Database Welcome Page
           Gerogeanne's Hot Links to math sites
           Annenberg/CPB's Exhibits
            More Mathematical Web Sites
           Teach ALL students the times tables
           eGroups : innovative-teaching Messages-Math sites
           The Math Forum at WebCT
           Introduction to Trigonometric Functions
new    Harcourt Brace Math Glossary
new    Metamath Home Page
new   Euclid

           Music Sites Online
           Music Makes You Smarter Research

       APA HelpCenter

           cartoon physics
           physics applets
            Teaching Physics of Everyday Life
           Physics Spotlight
           American Association Of Physics Teacher
           Welcome to the Physlets resource page

new       HandSpeak: A Sign Language Dictionary Online
new       Animated ASL  Dictionary
new       ASL Fingerspelling
new       Sign language Software Center
new       Sign Language Dictionaries Online
Miscellaneous Topics

           Links for Adult Educators
           Adult Education Association Site

           Outcomes Assessment
           Field tested assessment guide
           An on-line educational and psychological testing system
           Assessment Suggestions
           Preparing for Assessment
           PAR  ~ Performance Assessment Resources
new    Assessment DeLiberations


    Study Tips/Advising/Counceling Sites
           Study Tips & Strategies
           Learning Time Home Page
           Welcome to the USF Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations
           ALCOHOL and YOUR FAMILY
           Content Specific Learning Strategies Main Stack
           Study Skills
           On-line Tutoring
new     The Successful Student Centre
new     A Student Guide to Essay Exams

    Teaching Sites
new     References to Higher Education Retention Articles
new     Education Research
new     Alternative Modes of Teaching and Learning
new     Teacher Pages
new     DeLiberations on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
new     Encouraging Students to be More Active in Class
new     Active Learning For The College Classroom
new     Active Learning Bibliographies
new     Group Work Home Page
           The Boyer Commission on Educating Undergraduates
           Teaching Tips- University of Nebraska Lincoln
           Cooperative Learning: Changing Paradigms of College Teaching
           Clemson Websites for Instructors- Teaching Techniques
           MTSU Developmental Studies Program
           National Association for Developmental Education
           Virtual Library Resources at Purdue University
           SIGFTED The Special Interest Group in Faculty Teaching
           K A I R O S: A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed
           IDEA PAPERS -Faculty Evaluation and Development issues
           Teaching Resource Exchange
           Teaching Tips-Nutshell notes
           Developing Scholarship in teaching
           Conflict Management in Higher Education Report
           Active Learning Site Home Page
           The Faculty Way-Pedagogy
           Center for Research on Education
           Designing and Managing  Multiple Choice Questions
           International Society for Exploring Teaching Alternatives
           Positive Pedagogy - Home Page
           CFASST -California Formative Assessment and Support System
for Teachers
           CTL: Speaking of Teaching Newsletters-  Stanford University
Newsletter on Teaching
new     Good Teaching Ideas
new     Critical Thinking for College/University Educators
new     Teaching Tips Home Page

new      Instructional Development and Technology Sites Worldwide
new      CTE Resources: Other Teaching Centers
new      Active Learning Online- Abilene Christian University
new      Centre for the Support of Teaching - York University
            SI (Supplemental Instruction) Program Homepages Around the
            Knox College | Faculty Survival/Success Guide
            University of  Pennsylvania
            Union County College
            Lousianna State University
            Purdue University
            Paradise Valley Community College
            UMIST Teaching & Learning Support Centre
            Center for Teaching and Learning Homepage at UIS
new     P.L. Duffy Resource Centre

new      Education World: Curriculum: Cooperative Learning Saves the
Day!-- One Teacher's
new      Using New Technologies to Support Cooperative Learning
            Ted's cooperative learning links
            The Toolroom: Cooperative Learning
            The Collaborative Classroom
            The Shadow netWorkspace
            Cooperative learning in SMET
            Cooperative Learning Elementary Activities-  Springfield
Public Schools
            Cooperative Learning Structures and Techniques from Barbara
            Cooperative learning structures (following Kagan's approach)

            The Jigsaw Classroom
            Cooperative Structures
            Cooperative and Collaborative Learning Methods and
            UM:PBL-  University of Masstreich problem Based Leaning Site

new     Models and Research
new     Resources for Cooperative Leaning

new     Mailing List Archives
           E-mail Discussion Groups
           Welcome to the Teacher Mailring Center
           Favorite Listservs from Jerry Taylor
           The Education Companion Discussion List
           PHYS-L   physics discussions
           100th Day & Other Projects at Teachers.Net
           Join an Educational Mailing List
           Classroom Connect's Connected Teacher - Email Clubs
           Teachers.Net - PROJECT SWITCHBOARD
new    gifted and talented chatboard
new    Collaborative Learning

    General sites
              Diversity web sites
              Research on civil rights and minority groups in the United
              National Archives and Record Administration
              NARA also has a National History Day
              North Hagerstown High School
              Native American civil rights.
              Holidays around the world- Lessons on Kwanzaa, Hanukkah,
and St. Lucia Day
              Chinese New Year for kids and teachers
              Resources for different styles of teaching
              Black History Month All Year Long
              Multicultural Education
new        REACH Center: Helping to Understand Diversity

    Violence Reduction
            Teaching Steps to Tolerance
            Southern Poverty Law Center
            APA HelpCenter:
            Opinion- Unlearning Hatred on the Playground
            Stopping School Violence
            Anti Bullying Resources
            Can Technology Curb Aggressive Behavior at School?
new     Conflict Resolution the Peaceful Way

           NAESP - National Association of Elementary School Principal
           Elementary Educators-Canada
           Mrs. L.'s Grade Five Website-
           Welcome to Teaching Resources!
           Cooperative Learning Elementary Activities
           About Reading - Mrs. McGowan's First Grade
           Cooperative Learning Elementary Activities Springfield Public
           Literature Circles (Structured Approach)
           Olympics: Internet Resources
           Kinder Korner
           Links to Learn
           Time For Kids
           Elections web sites  for K-5
           Ride the wave to Mrs. P's Kids Little Home on the Web
           MIKIDS ~ A Safe Site! ~ WELCOME!
new     Elementary Science Teacher Resource Book
new     Solar Matters

new      Welcome to the new AskERIC website!
new      The George Lucas Educational Foundation
new      Flack's Ultimate Educational Resource Heaven
new      Clickmarks Public Site for AZThespian
new      The Educators Network
            Passport to Knowledge
            New Horizons for Learning
            WYB Online-useful academic information on the internet
            Motivating and Engaging Students
            Effective teaching techniques for exceptional learners
            Web Based Instruction resources
            Socratic Questioning
            Maryland consortium of Community Colleges for Teaching
            Websites dealing with student discipline
            Greek mythology
            Cool Links  for Teachers  and By Teachers
            Great sites for new teachers
            Family Education
            American Memory Web site, Library of Congress
            Copyrights and Copying Wrongs Part 1
             National Fire Prevention Association
             Award winning teacher bookmarks
            AACTE Education Policy Clearinghouse
            Recommended links from the AP students
            Ask a Librarian, Not Jeeves
            Tomorrow's-Professor Listserv
            Learning Styles Critique
            Constructivist Learning Design
            Flags and Maps of the World
            U-Study Library Instruction Guide
            Center for Research on Education in Science, Mathematics,
Engineering and Technology
            Cable in the Classroom
            Concept to Classroom Workshops
            The National Tutoring Association
            Welcome to the National PTA
            National Mentoring Partnership's
            Telementoring Resources & WWW Links
            ARTSEDGE: The National Arts and Education Information
new     Volunteer Management Library
new     Quotations
new     The Daode Jing (Tao Te Ching) of Laozi (Lao Tzu) Daoism Taoism

           Welcome to
           Beginning Teacher's Tool Box
           Speech Language Therapists
           At Gourmet Curriculum Press

          Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent
          Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
new    Education Place Gifted and Talented Education
new   The New Jersey Association for Gifted Children

           National Archives and Records Administration Home Page
           Library of Congress Home Page
           How to Find Government Information on the WWW
           Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
           Lousiana department of Education
           California Standards
           Federal WWW Resources of Interest to Science, Mathematics,
and  Environmental
           NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory
           Federal Bureau of Investigation - Kids and Youth Educational

          Higher Ed Grants
          K12School Grants
           Grant resources  in special education
          Grants and Applications-NEH-
          A Myriad of Grant sources
new    NEA Foundation Education Grants

new       EMT: Webquests
new       Science Fairs
new       Projects
new       A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K-12 Education
new       Creating Preferred Futures
new       Math Central  An Internet service for mathematics teachers and
             Ed Psyc Central: Birth - Grade 12 General & Special
             The National Math Trail
             Science is Phun Web Site
             Education Planet
             TIMSS- PDK International Fast Facts About TIMSS
             Third International Mathematics and Science Study-TIMSS-R
             Ed Psyc Central: Birth - Grade 12 General & Special
             TeachersFirst Content Matrix
             The Teacher's Guide
             Links to a Better Education  Wilton High  School
             Novel Study Guides K-8
             Mrs. Young's Super Charged Educational Voyage
             AIMS Education Foundation
             American Montessori Consulting's Resources
             CNN Newsroom
             Good Teacher Stuff From The School Page
             Links to Annotated Science sites
             Classroom Strategies to Engender Student Questioning
             K-12 Marine Topics
             MarcoPolo: Home
             "Back in Time" An Historical Fiction WebQuest
new       Teachers.Net Gazette
new       Secondary School Educators Homepage

           ABOUT LEARNING - Theories
           Tool Room
           Explorations in Learning & Instruction:
           Bloom's Taxonomy
           Learning Paths
  - How We Remember, and Why We Forget
           Creating Learning Communities
new     Multiple Intelligence Theory: Index
new             Welcome to the MI News home page
new             mi_strategies- Lesson Strategies
new             Multiple Intelligence resources
new    Essays on constructivism and education

new     Lesson Plan Sites for Teachers
new     The Lesson Plans Page - Over 1,000 FREE Lesson Plans!
new - Lesson Plans & Resources for Teaching
           Lesson Plans web site
           Standards & Lesson Plans
           The AskERIC Lesson Plan Collection
           WVA World School Lesson Plans
           Teachnet- lesson plans
           Mr. Donn's  U.S. History Lesson Plans
           First-Day-of-School 'Icebreakers
           Score- Schools of California Online resources for Education
           Ride the Wave to Mrs's P.s webml
            A survival guidefor first year teachers
             Education World
            Teachers Helping teachers
           Learning Strategies Data Base
           Teaching Large Classes
           The Gateway to Educational Materials
           Ideas for Spanish Teaching
            Simple Machines
           Democracy Project 2000 - Classroom- PBS
           SMART Parents  Science Math And Related Technology for
           Solar System Journey Lesson
           Free worksheets
           Newspapers in the class
           Georgeanne's HotLinks in Science
           Mathematics Lesson Plans
           Vocabulary Lessons
           The Home School Highway to Learning
           Lesson Plans Can Be Matched to State and National Curriculum
           Classroom on the Web
new    Schools of California Online Resources for Education
new    High school business lesson plans
new    Free Lesson Plans, WebQuests, Worksheets and Teacher Tools!

           The MiddleWeb Middle School Index
           Middle school information
           Welcome to Mrs. L-F's World  at Wickford Middle School
           ULS Middle School Student Library
new     7th grade social studies (geography) favorite websites

            The interactive guide to learning disabilities
           A web page designed by dyslexic teens
           Learning Strategies Tools for Learning to Learn in Middle and
High Schools
           CHADD– the national non-profit organization
           Recommendations For Students with High Functioning Autism
           About Learning Disabilities
           Welcome to SALADD University Database
           Autism/PDD Resources Network
           Asperger Syndrome

           Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers
           Web Page Construction Links
           Multimedia Tutorial for the Enhancement of teaching
           How to create web pages.
           Computers and Composition Online
           Welcome to PageTutor
           Theme: Evaluation of Learning Technology
           International Forum of Educational Technology and Society
           Educational Technology and Distance Education
           About A Place For Newbies To Start The Educational
            The 21st Century Teachers Network (21CT)
           Integrating the WWW into high school curriculum
           W. J. Keenan High School district's Internet course
            Free Web Site
           WebCT at the University of Alberta- Instructor Assistance
           On-line projects to promote cross-cultural understanding in
Europe and beyond.
           Learning Theory Links
           The Technology Source
           cyber english
            Technology Teaching Concepts, Ltd
            K-12 Lessons, Sources and Internet How-Tos
            Building Web Sites
            NetDayCompass- K-12 technology links
            Evaluating Web Sites
            Evaluation of Webs Activity
            Teaching Links
            Educational Technology Resource
            T*I*C*A*L ~~~ Technology Information Center for
Administrative  Leadership
new     The Faculty Connection
new     Safe Surfin'
new     Student Affairs On-Line
new     Teaching Math With the Internet
new     Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Developmental

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