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Re: Student Tutor Pay Rate


Zola Gordy <[log in to unmask]>


Open Forum for Learning Assistance Professionals <[log in to unmask]>


Tue, 23 Sep 2003 10:31:08 -0500





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Our "student workers" earn $6.50 per hour with no variation.  However, we have an employee category in the district for "seasonal/temporary" employees that allows us some variation considering the degree-level of the tutor.  This category begins at $7.50 for experienced peer tutors and goes up to $10.00 (Learning Specialist) with master's degrees.

Zola Gordy, Coordinator
Maple Woods AAC

>>> [log in to unmask] 09/23/03 10:20AM >>>
We pay $7.50/hr for work study and non-work study.  We
expect the same standard of work from all employees.
Because $7.50 is the highest level for minimum wage and for
our student employee scale, it is difficult to have a
variable pay scale.

Kathryn Van Wagoner
Director, Math Advantage Programs
Utah Valley State College

ad-van-tage   n.  A factor conducive to success.

>>> [log in to unmask] 09/22/03 04:51PM >>>
I'm curious as to how many campuses have a variable pay
scale for
student employees. Here at Butte, we're limited to minimum
wage if we
hire student workers. I saw a Sue Tsuda's posting that says
she pays
Work Study employees $7.00 per hour. Are there other
campuses with
higher than minimum wage rates for Work Study folks?


Miya Squires, Coordinator

Center for Academic Success

Butte College

530/895-2811 (V)

530/895-2215 (F)

530/680-0339 (M)


This thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down,
but the
staying down. -- Mary Pickford


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