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Subject: Re: Micosoft Deep Thoughts (Not from John Handley) Some humor
From: Hugh Smith <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Records Management Program <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Wed, 29 Oct 2003 02:25:30 -0500

text/plain (82 lines)

> From:    Lawrence Medina <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: Re: Microsoft "Bashing"
> Speaking of bashing M$, let's all raise a glass towards Redmond, WA
> and wish Bill a HAPPY B'DAY... after all, he's 48 today and seeing as
> he's the "Man Who Has Everything" (or has bought up everything he
> wants) there's no need to waste any money on a gift...
> Larry

Here is my present to Bill:

I find it amazing that Gates has done all he has done and is only 48!
Although I still am ahead of him on high dives from scaffolds. Huh! I
got him there!  Doggone right I do!

But Microsoft has done amazing things for personal computing and
probably none of us would be as active on the Internet, and email
without Microsoft's contributions. They have done amazing things for
the whole computing industry.

A thousand companies cannot develop one simple ERMS for industry use.
Bill Gates could do this in a  month if he set his engineers to it.
Microsoft has been an amazing force in this country.

Also this is an American company competing in the World market. Until
you have tried to sell something into Brazil and seen how they fight
your entry into the market and then when you develop a partner in the
market they just blatantly steal your technology and market it and
their laws protect them you enforcing your contract. Or how about
Germany trying to make Microsoft allow their software to be more open
so others can interface with it. (Read steal it here!)

I know of no country  that does not try to protect its own companies
with the exception of the U.S.

  So if Gates is predatory, at least he employs 10,000 Americans doing
it. I get email all the time "Let us write your software here in
India." Who thinks your software is yours and yours alone when you do
that???  (I send all their email addresses to the guys in Nigeria who
are always trying to place $50 million in my account. I hope they will
make each other very happy. )

The Japanese model is "Business is War" and other third world countries
watching Japan's success have modeled after them.

Why do we bash the one guy who has been able to keep America dominant
in this field.
If we keep bashing the few industry giants we have, America will
eventually be outsourcing everything. And when we are all broke and
unemployed remember that Bill tried to show us the way. Develop a
product, make it cutting edge but not bleeding edge, and crush anyone
who stands in your way.  For that my friends is the true American Way!

Also Bill put up $200 million to help cure malaria which kills millions
each year in third world countries. Let me think for a minute about all
the foreign countries donating money to help us in our

So Happy Birthday Bill. From all of us who are dependent on Microsoft
because it is still the best............I salute you! Ben Franklin,
Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Gates American Icons
to the end. ....And SeaBiscuit , but he is a horse so he doesn't count.

Well I am off to Omaha for massive BBQ steaks and to see the unveiling
of the Benson Records Management Center and its cutting edge facility
at an Open House and also to visit the wonderful people from Mutual of
Omaha. So please send all protests to Larry Medina who will be handling
my flames for the next few days. After all he started this!

Hugh Smith
FIRELOCK Fireproof Modular Vaults
hsmith @[log in to unmask]
(610)  756-4440    Fax (610)  756-4134

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