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Subject: Re: Microfilm Aperture Cards
From: "Jones, Virginia" <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Records Management Program <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Tue, 21 Jun 2005 09:38:52 -0400

text/plain (171 lines)

Thank you all for your replies to my questions about the use of
Microfilm Aperture Cards.  As promised, I have summarized the replies

Ginny Jones 
(Virginia A. Jones, CRM) 
Records Manager 
Information Technology Division 
Newport News Dept. of Public Utilities 
Newport News, VA 
[log in to unmask] 

Total responses - 13
 1. Does your organization use aperture cards? 

        Yes - 13 

2. If so, what size microfilm do you load/mount in/on the cards? 

        35mm - 12    105mm - 2 

3. Does your organization still produce aperture cards?   

        Yes - 4       Yes-outsource  - 6     No - 3         

4. If so, what camera/equipment do you use? 

        Kodak MRD2,  3m manual aperture card loader, and 3M 520
        Kodak 35 mm planetary  camera  
        None, we had a planetary camera up until this past January. It
was very old and we could not get service or parts for it anymore. We
began to analyze replacing it and decided instead to outsource the
production of the cards. 
        The only devices we now use are 3M planetary processor cameras.
        35 mm planetary

 5. Are you still able to procure cards for loading or mounting the

        Yes - 4        Outsource vendor provides - 6

6. If so, what brand or supplier do you use? 

        Decision one (Imation)-custom printed 
        Microseal Docufiller 
        I think we still use 3M cards.
        NB Microseal

7. Does your organization still have aperture card repositories (i.e.
records on aperture card microfilm?) 

         Yes - 13

Additional comments - 

*       My clients are mostly government agencies, county and state,and
a few engineering firms 
         mainly engineering drawings
        We have aperture card repositories in our central file, at the
plants, local engineering departments, and a copy off-site at Iron
        both on site and in the salt mines 
        We have 40,000 engineering/architectural drawings on aperture
        we have a large repository at records services and there are
dupes in some operating areas. 
        we have one in our executive office.
        we have a large centralized engineering file room for our
non-nuclear facilities. Each nuclear site has a central aperture card
filing area and there are numerous satellite files for our wires
        A number of government agencies in Idaho imaged records via
microfilm aperture cards.  As we conduct records pickups around the
state, many agencies are transfering those cards to the State Archives. 

8. If so, are the cards accessed? 

         Yes -  11           No - 2

Additional comments - 

*       the cards are used rather frequently, especially for historical
*       very often 
*       Archives holds the master set which we cannot use in a reader IF
we had a reader, which we don't.  Our Design & Construction Office has a
reader set which they cannot use because they have no reader.
*       less and less frequently. We are currently implementing content
management so drawings will be available electronically in most cases. 
*        less frequently because the maps are now fairly old and we have
performed exploration work in some of the areas with more sophisticated
equipment in the years since the maps were created. The original maps
date from the 1960s to the 1980's.
*       less frequently as we have more access to electronic images. 
*        In most cases, agencies no longer have the equipment to read
these cards. 

9. What reader or reader-printer do you use? 

*        Unknown
*       Oce and Minolta 
*        Minolta MS6000
*       We use Minolta and Tameran reader printers along with Oce
aperture card scanners. 
*        We use a Xidex International reader.
*       We use Minolta and Canon.   We have an IDEAL scanner for cards
*        Minolta 609 Microfilm scanner by Canner 500
*       We have a Wicks & Wilson 2400 Aperture Card Scanner.
*       Eyecom, Minolta 
*        3M, Minolta and E-imagedata

10. Are you aware there are national and international standards for
microfilm aperture cards? 

Yes -  11        No - 1

Other Comments:

*       Often the cards survive as the only record.  Along with staff
turnover in agencies and current methods of imaging records, these cards
are over looked and many times the patron is told the record no longer
exisits.  I'm aware of only one request by a creating agency to locate a
specific card in the past 7 - 8 years.  It wasn't there. 


*       We inherited aperture cards from another company. The company
made copies of maps on Mylar, paper and aperture cards. We never
produced any.  


Ginny Jones 
(Virginia A. Jones, CRM) 
Records Manager 
Information Technology Division 
Newport News Dept. of Public Utilities 
Newport News, VA 
[log in to unmask] 


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