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Accountability Proposal Evolves/articles-pdf links


Dan Kern <[log in to unmask]>


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Tue, 11 Jul 2006 07:15:01 -0500





text/plain (92 lines)

Accountability Proposal Evolves

Three months ago, an association of state universities stepped out in front
of other higher education groups by announcing that it was exploring the
possibility of creating a new, voluntary system
<>  to define, measure and
make public how well its members educate undergraduates.

Today, the group, the National Association of State Universities and
Land-Grant Colleges, is providing new details about the plan,
which suggests that its members collect and make publicly available a common
and clearly defined "bundle of information" including consumer information
about costs and graduation rates, data about the "learning climate" on
campuses, and information on how students perform in college.

Although colleges already generate a wealth of information about their
performance, the NASULGC paper argues, it is insufficient for two reasons:
(1) the information is often incomparable from institution to institution,
because institutions collect it using differing definitions, and (2) much of
the data is not released to the public, in large part because institutions
believe it will be misunderstood or misused.


The thorniest set of measures, the report acknowledges, is in the area of
"educational outcomes" - particularly trying to gauge the quality of the
"general education" institutions offer. Part of the problem is figuring out
what to measure: critical thinking, analytical reasoning, written
communication? The answer to that question influences which tests might be
used: the Collegiate Learning Assessment, the Measure of Academic
Proficiency, the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency, to cite
three the NASULGC report mentions.


Continue 7-11-06 article:

-    Doug Lederman <mailto:[log in to unmask]> 


".a new, voluntary system." article (Fresh Approach to
Accountability/4-3-06) link:


".new details about the plan." 13-page pdf (Elements of Accountability for
Public Universities and Colleges/7-6-06) link:


".the earlier paper."  25-page pdf discussion paper (Improving Student
Learning in Higher Education Through Better Accountability and
Assessment/4-7-06) link:


".Charles Miller, has urged." 5-page pdf (Issue Paper:
Accountability/Consumer Information) link:


".creating a national 'unit records' database." article (Wrangling Over Unit
Records/7-7-06) link:




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