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Re: Computer lab policies and procedures


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Mon, 23 Oct 2006 13:19:18 -0500





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We have had a problem in the past with the computers in our lab. We
started kicking them off the computer if there was someone waiting to
use a computer for academic work. It is a constant monitoring for us as
staff. One of the problems we have is our computers are limited in
number, five, so we can't afford for students to be playing around so to
It is not as bad as it was a year ago. The students have gotten the word
that we are spot checking to see what is on their monitors. We have to
pass the computers to use the restrooms so that gives us a reason to be
constantly walking by.

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Subject: Computer lab policies and procedures

Dear Colleagues,


We currently house a computer lab of about 30 PC's within our learning
center, monitoring for explicit or recreational activity has been a real
challenge for our clerical and computer lab aides throughout the
especially with the website "".  Are there any learning
or computer labs currently blocking or limiting websites to just
research web-pages?  If so, can you please forward any acceptable user's
policy or literature that addresses this question, we have placed AUP
stickers and an AUP screen message as students log in unfortunately we
had no success with this procedure thus far.  In an effort to creating
atmosphere conducive to higher learning I strongly feel any form of
recreational web surfing limits PC access to those students that come to