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FYI off topics: A Brief History of American Ph.D.'s/article- links


Dan Kern <[log in to unmask]>


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Fri, 13 Oct 2006 07:07:27 -0500





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Oct. 13, 2006

A Brief History of American Ph.D.'s

Forget If you have a question about American graduate education
over the last 100 years, you can probably find the answer in a data-heavy
report released this week by the National Science Foundation.

The report, <> "U.S.
Doctorates in the 20th Century," contains an almost mind-numbing array of
statistics about who received Ph.D.'s, what fields the degrees were in, the
institutional paths the recipients took to their doctorates, and how they
paid for their educations, among other topics. Generally, the report lays
out a history of remarkable growth and, particularly of late, changing

Among the report's findings:

Find the remainder here:


NSF link specific to above report:


From NSF link: For example, relatively small Oberlin College in Ohio
provided the baccalaureate origins of more science and engineering
doctorates over an 80-year period (nearly 2,800) than the University of
Nebraska, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Virginia Tech and the
University of Iowa. Another example is that five of the eight leading
doctorate-granting universities from 1920-1999 were Midwest-based, Big Ten
schools. Prior to that period, the majority of doctorate-granting
institutions were East Coast institutions.



Straight to it:


View of above page/links:

US Doctorates in the 20th Century
Special Reports | NSF 06-319 | October 2006 |
<> PDF format.
<> Full Publication

 <> Front Matter


1. <> Introduction

2. <> Historical

3. <> Field Choices
and Demographic Characteristics of Doctorate Recipients

4. <> Path to the

5. <> Baccalaureate
and Doctoral Institutions

6. <> After the


A. <> Detailed Doctoral
Fields and Demographic Characteristics of Ph.D.s

B. <> Top 50
Baccalaureate and Doctoral Institutions and Doctorate Production by State

C. <> Technical Notes

 <> Bibliography

 <> List of Tables

 <> List of Figures

 <> Figure Reference Tables
(web only)

 <> Supplemental Tables (web


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