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Subject: sources of information summary
From: "Ronald W. Frazier" <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Records Management Program <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Tue, 5 Dec 2006 10:19:18 -0500

text/plain (249 lines)

Hello all,

A few weeks ago, I posted a message on the list wanting to know what your 
preferred sources of information were for keeping up with records 
management, archiving, and conservation of digital data or items subject to 
be digitized.  I got some great responses and I want to thank those who 
sent them.  I also had several requests to share the information.  So, I'm 
summarizing it here.  I have removed the senders' identities.  Please 
excuse cross postings.

By the way, if anyone wants to add to what's here, feel free.  Any and all 
information is appreciated.


Note of course that my interests are not *exactly* the same as those you
note, but these resources are frequently related especially with regards to
electronic information. Off the top of my head I regularly check the
following. I will also respond with posts for the other resources, but it
just becomes too long a list. :)
Fast Company (subscription)
Wired Magazine (subscription)
Business 2.0 (subscription)
Integrated Solutions (free)
Business Solutions (free)
Information Management Journal (free to ARMA members)
TODAY Magazine (free to TAWPI members)
Xploration (free to Xplor members)
AIIM E-DOC Magazine (free)
KMWorld Magazine (free)
eWeek (free)
Infoworld (free)
CIO (free)
CIO Insight (free)
Optimize (free)
Baseline (free)
Information Week (free)
Washington Technology (free)
Government Computing News (free)
Federal Computer Weekly (free)
Intelligent Enterprise (free)
Docume.nt Magazine (free)


Ron, not sure how long you've been on this [records management] list but 
this is my favorite
source of information. Everything there is to know about records
management you'll either hear from the members or they'll give links to
where the info is. And remember to check the archive. Some days the
volume of messages is hard to keep up with but it's worth the


Check out the Australian PADI site--it will lead you everywhere:
It's the first place I send my students and I teach digital preservation.


Check out IS&T especially for their Archiving conference (papers are
published and available for purchase from their store--try interlibrary
loan at your local library if you don't want to purchase) at


...bad question to ask a librarian ;)
i guess off the top of my head..without checking bookmarks and, in no 
particular order:
Library and Info Sci News - (recommend Queue)
Librarians Index to the Internet -
Database Trends and Applications -
oh..and a few Yahoo groups.. TaxoCop, ControlledVocabulary, 
KnowledgeManagement, and Lexicographylist plus the web4lib list-serv.


I have to agree with Gary. I just don't have as much time as I used to to 
seek out the informational materials I'm interested in. Like Jesse, I used 
to subscribe to lot's of publications. I tend not to do that anymore and 
really pay attention to this [records management] list. It is my best 
resource for keeping up to date on my pet topics.


You might want to take a look at
I just took Steve's 3-day UCLA extension course, and for me it was a winner.
He rambles a little, since he has so much information to impart that he
sometimes takes side roads--but I found the side roads often quite as
interesting (or more so) than the main road. His textbook (an inch thick
when printed) is freely available as a .pdf document from his website. Let
me know if you can't find it, and I can point you to the exact URL. You can
subscribe to his newsletter on the first page of the site.


(From a different thread but still relevant.)

Current longevity/stability standards for media:
Microfilm and photographic film
ISO 18909: 2006 Stability of Color Photographic Images-Methods
for Measuring
ISO 18901: 2002 Imaging Materials - Processed silver-gelatin
type black-and-white films - Specifications for stability
ISO 18911: 2000 Imaging materials - Processed safety photographic films
- Storage practices
ISO 18905: 2002 Imaging materials -- Ammonia-processed diazo
photographic film -- Specifications for stability
ISO 18912: 2002 Imaging materials -- Processed vesicular photographic
film -- Specifications for stability
Optical Disc
ISO 18926: 2006 Imaging Materials - Life Expectancy of Magneto-Optic
(MO) Disks - Method for Estimating, Based on Effects of Temperature and
Relative Humidity
ISO 18925: 2002 Imaging materials - Optical disc media - Storage
ISO 18921: 2002 Imaging materials -- Compact discs (CD-ROM) --
Method for estimating the life expectancy based on the effects of
temperature and relative humidity
ISO 18923: 2000 Imaging materials -- Polyester-base magnetic tape --
Storage practices
ANSI/NISO Z39.48 - 1992 (R2002) Permanence of Paper for
Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives


(From a different thread but still relevant.)

Here's where we are and what you can do to get involved. You don't need to
be an ARMA member to participate on a Task Force, but you do need to be a
memebr to be a Task Force Leader. Go to and click on the
Standard link on the left side, and you'll be taken to the page with the
application to join.

Current ARMA SDC projects awaiting final editing, printing and release?
Guideline for Selection of Records and Information Storage Providers
Final draft was available for viewing at Conference, Guideline should be
available to members by year's end
Records Management Responsibilities in Litigation Support
Final draft was available for viewing at Conference, Guideline should be
available to members by year's end
Current ARMA SDC projects out for public ballot?
Conversion and Migration Criteria Standard
Out for Public Ballot presently, depending on comments and resolution,
shoud be out early in 2007
Current ARMA SDC Projects in the "home stretch"?
Collaborative Environments Guideline
Final editing taking place presently, Guideline should be available to
members early in 2007
Electronic Records Storage Guideline
Final editing taking place presently, Guideline should be available to
members early in 2007
Glossary of RIM Terms
Five year revision cycle completed, and decision made to move this from a
Standard to an on-line resource. Should be available to members on the ARMA
Standards Web Page early in 2007
Controlled Vocabulary in Records and Information Management
Final editing taking place presently, Guideline should be available to
members early in 2007
Risk Management/Risk Mitigation SDC Project Manager - Deb Dotson**
This project is intended to explore the risks faced by organizations related
to records and information management and possible actions to mitigate those
risks. The project addresses potential risk in the legal and regulatory
environment, corporate policy and procedures, and other sources faced by
employees and stakeholders of an organization. It will also identify
potential risks in the electronic information management environment and
explore technology as a possible solution to risk mitigation.
*Status: A public survey is under development to focus the scope of the
project. *
Task Force Leader: Vicki Lemieux
Business Process Analysis Guideline SDC Project Manager - Deb Dotson**
This guideline will define Business Process Analysis and its importance
within RIM and the organization. It will address specific issues related to
records and information management practices and processes that require an
analysis prior to considering the implementation of any form of technology.
*Status: TF just beginning its work *
Task Force Leader: TBD
Developing Digital Format Information and Records Management Methodology
SDC Project Manager - William Roach**
This document will investigate the various methods being used to gather,
catalog, index and manage records and information generated in native
applications ("electronic records"). The images resulting from the scanning
and imaging of paper source documents stored electronically ("electronic
objects"), and other forms of information stored in electronic formats
("digital assets") will also be included in this guideline.
*Status: TF just being formed *
*Task Force Leader: TBD
External Review Task Force SDC Project Manager - Larry Medina**
This task force is concerned with soliciting responses to various proposed
standards and initiatives from a variety of organizations where a RIM
perspective is relevant. The External Review task force will be called upon
for comments based on their respective area of expertise.
*Status: Applications are now being accepted for this periodic work.*
ISO 15489 Implementation Guideline SDC Project Manager - Larry Medina**
This task force will be involved with promoting a better understanding and
wider acceptance within the U.S. of the international standard, ISO 15489.
RIM professionals will use this guideline to facilitate the adoption of
ISO15489 practices within their organizations.*
*Status: TF just being formed *
Task Force Leader: TBD


WOW!  What a response.  Thank you all for this information.  It should keep 
me busy studying for several years.  Actually, I guess the study is never 
ending.  8-)



Ron Frazier  --  P.O. Box 2284  --  Cumming, GA  30028  --  770-205-9422 
(O)  --  404-431-5472 (C)
Email: rwfrazier AT macdatasecurity DOT com  (replace the AT and DOT by hand)
I am an independent consultant interested in exploring ways to archive data 
over long periods of time.
Recordable DVD's & CD's can fail in 2-5 years.  Don't let that happen to 
YOUR data.
    Get your GOLD Archival Grade DVD's & CD's from today! --- ---

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