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Re: Professional Development Training


Adam Q Pang <[log in to unmask]>


Open Forum for Learning Assistance Professionals <[log in to unmask]>


Mon, 29 Sep 2008 10:04:13 -1000





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To encourage buy-in and empower our staff, we draw on tutors' own experiences and ideas, so our training sessions center on them. For example, in groups of 2-4, tutors generate a list of Do's and Don'ts, and have a discussion on the Why's and Why not's. Everyone in our weekly meetings has a voice, including the supervisors, so if there's something that we believe was overlooked, we share our thoughts as well. Then, each group's list is discussed at the whole group level, and any revisions and/or rewordings are done with consensus. For the most part, this can be adapted for many, if not all, of the CRLA topics. 

For any concepts or ideas that are thorny, tutors work in small groups (2-4) and contextualize the concept for their specific content area. Thus, tutors often end up sharing real experiences and how they handled them or could have handled them better. All are encouraged to ask questions and contribute. 

In the end, we don't really have any nifty activities, but we do have tutors and staff who are invested in their jobs and roles.

Adam Pang
Education Consultant, Learning Assistance Center
Sinclair Library Mezzanine 1
University of Hawai'i at Mànoa
Honolulu, HI 96822
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From: "LICITRA, JENNA" <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Monday, September 29, 2008 4:43 am
Subject: Professional Development Training
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> Good morning!
> We are trying to incorporate professional development training
> for the tutors into our monthly meetings.  For example,
> last week, we focused on Ethics.  There was a discussion,
> as well as an activity.
> We are trying to focus on topics for CRLA certification. 
> Does anyone have any suggestions for professional development
> training?  Perhaps interactive activities to help the
> students remember the concepts?  I would love to hear how
> other people promote professional development.
> Thanks for your time and help!
> Jenna Licitra
> Jenna Licitra
> Graduate Assistant of the Tutoring Center
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