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Subject: Re: Mail Server Inquiry
From: Nick Strickland <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Platform Independent Linux List! <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Thu, 1 Mar 2018 05:37:29 +0000

text/plain (32 lines)

Thank you all for your continued assistance with this. It's been more than helpful. Very happy to see that our area (assuming most of you are in or near the North Florida area, being on this list) has such a vibrant Linux community. 

Thomas ([log in to unmask]),

I really appreciate the time you put into this response. As I mentioned before, it's really refreshing to see replies like this in accordance to many forums where people usually just ask you to read the documentation. 
It was intentional to leave out any logs our command output that would have led to troubleshooting exact issues. My goal isn't to fix the broken setup I have (had) now but purely to learn so I can start from scratch properly later. That and I wiped my VPS out of mild frustration just before sending my initial message. It now acts as a bot for my discord server. I usually will know what to send, but I didn't want to incite a discussion on how to fix what's already there. I figured maybe someone may even suggest a different set of software to accomplish the task. 

The advice to start small and grow from there has been overwhelmingly my most suggested solution to this. I definitely agree, and this will be the tactic I plan to use, but I'm hoping for guidance or documentation on the subject that may be more clear than the official docs. Someone suggested earlier than Linode has many good tutorials, and this is true. Any input or helpful books around would be great help!

And to answer your questions in order,

	- I'm running a VPS through linode, so a lot of initial setup is done already. I can manage basic configuration and hardening past that point, as I have other active Linux and BSD servers, acting as file servers, web servers, and a Kodi server.
	- As a serious newbie to DNS, I can only say I think my DNS is configured properly. I have an MX and an A record for my domain pointing to my VPS's static IP. Currently my domains and their DNS are managed by Godaddy, which is something I hope to change soon. Reverse IP is working as expected.
	- Currently SSH is only accessible by a single key with password login and root access disabled. For the moment I've only got firewalld running with a few services and zones cleared. Since this isn't production and on a different domain than any of my other services, I'm not too concerned with unauthorized access, should it happen, so I've gotten lazy on that note.
	- I'm looking for some nice Linux books if you have some suggestions! 
	- As mentioned above, I wiped the VPS and started using it for something else so as not to waste money, so I cannot include any postconf information. To my knowledge, each of those lines were populated, at the very least. 
	- Postfix having good logs has been refreshing. Before I broke my last configuration, I noticed how verbose it really was. I suppose there's a reason so many people recommend it, right?

I appreciate that. I've tried to put a stop to handing over all of my data to Google's services lately and have almost made a full turnaround on it. The next step will be to dump Android, if possible (look up Purism's Librem 5 if you haven't heard of it). I was lucky enough to get my full name @[log in to unmask] awhile back, so I'm using this as my primary means of contact at the moment, but that will hopefully change in the future! 

Once again, I really appreciate your well thought response. I will keep the group posted on progress for sure! 


John ([log in to unmask]),

Mailu is a neat little package! I'll take a look at it and examine its inner workings as I go. 

Thank you,

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