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Re: FW: IMPORTANT: Internet Virus (fwd)


DOROTHY D CHASE <[log in to unmask]>


Open Forum for Learning Assistance Professionals <[log in to unmask]>


Mon, 24 Apr 1995 10:02:36 -0700





text/plain (86 lines)

Since there is no date attached to the following message, I suspect that
this is the same virus we were warned about last year.  What do you think?
On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, Ed Ketz wrote:
> Folks,
> I received this warning just awhile ago.  Please take heed.  This thing
> sounds NASTY.
> Ed.
>  ----------
> From:
> To: Multiple recipients of list
> Subject: FW: IMPORTANT: Internet Virus
> Date: Thursday, April 20, 1995 11:11PM
> I received this from my boss yesterday.  Wanted to share it with everyone in
> case you haven't seen it yet.
> Jane der Boghossian Huzil
> [log in to unmask]
> __________________________________________________________________
> There is a computer virus that is being sent across the Internet.  If you
> receive an e-mail message with the subject line "Good Times", DO NOT
> read the message, DELETE it immediately.  Please read the messages
> below.
> Some miscreant is sending e-mail under the title "good times"
> nation-wide. If you get anything like this, DON'T DOWNLOAD THE FILE! It
> has a
> virus that rewrites your hard drive, obliterating anything on it.  Please be
> careful and forward this mail to anyone you care about--I have.
> *******************************************************************
> *******************************************************************
> The FCC released a warning last Wednesday concerning a matter of
> major importance to any regular user of the InterNet.  Apparently, a new
> computer virus has been engineered by a user of America Online that is
> unparalleled in its destructive capability.