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Re: A response to puzzlement about poverty and success


Sue Lorraine Lavorata <[log in to unmask]>


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Tue, 27 Jan 1998 17:42:14 EDT





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I too am tough with my students, but I tend to be somewhat lenient
with deadlines if I know the student is trying and is having a rough
time. I also give my students my home phone number, all of my emails
and my office is always open. I had a student that could not be in
class for a test review and I gave her the review over the phone. We
as educators must always be there for our students. Hats off to you
James for you dedication as an educator. Prof L

> Thanks Peggy.
> I have taught developmental education courses since 1982. I have worked
> in the tutorial arena since 1979. They both go together, and they both
> allow for the development of skills that will take a student through
> college.
> I also teach college level courses in many different disciplines
> as I can whenever I can find an enlightened institution that does not
> cubby hole its courses and instructors.
> But I am a hard-nosed s.o.b. in all of my classes. All
> assignments must be completed to pass my classes. Failure to complete any
> one of them leads to failure for the class. However, I am always
> availalble to my students. I have all "eight" hours of my day in the
> college available to my students, and they have my home phone number to
> call me in the evenings. I've had many failures. I believe some of them
> are probably mine -- a failure to commuicate or some personality conflicts
> that were not resolved. But the vast majority of my students have passed.
> And those that pass my developmental classes pass the subsequent courses
> as well. I can't take credit for that either. Those students are
> motivated.
> But it is our responsibility to try to motivate the unmotivated.
> Singing, dancing, gyrating, coddling, coercing whatever it takes to get
> through to the individual student. Would that I could reach them all --
> it doesn't work that way.
> Unless there is accountability, the buck will continue to be
> passed.
> //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> Jim Valkenburg [log in to unmask]
> Delta College
> University Center, MI 48710-0002
> (517) 686-9034 FAX (517) 686-8736
Sue Lorraine Lavorata
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