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Re: Student behavior - I am thinking...


"Gary K. Probst" <[log in to unmask]>


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Fri, 5 Nov 1999 08:02:05 -0500





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Gary Probst is thinking:
  1. Are some people unable to be changed by positive reinforcement?
  2. For those people who are unable to learn from positive reinforcement
      changed or behavior stopped by negative reinforcement?
  3. Can knowledge of negative reinforcement prevent the need for positive
  4. What should you do with people who cannot learn from either positive or
  5. Which causes learning to take place faster negative or positive
  6. If you do not know what type of reinforcement is a person's reinforcement
      what type should you use first?
  7. What type of reinforcement is remembered for a longest period of time?

Jelaine McCamish wrote:

> My "Psychology of Learning" class stressed that positive reinforcement of a
> desired behavior is preferable and creates a better learning environment.
> (Negative reinforcement or punishment can create an atmosphere of fear,
> which can hurt concentration, memory, etc., for all students). Just a
> thought.
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