I agree.  Tom Clancey is excellent.  I like The Hunt for Red October.

Cynthia Harper-Gosselin

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                Get any Tom Clancey, or Robin Cook, or  recent fiction
thrillers such "The
                Firm,"  "A Few Good Men," "The Client," etc.  and you will
find those
                appropriate for older males.  They can read those and be
interested.  I like
                Wilbur Smith but his language might be too hard.  Good luck
                Helen Sabin

                Ann Fleshman wrote:

                > Dear Friends,
                > Your help has been extremely valuable this year,and I need
it again.
                > I am tutoring several African-American, 16/17-year-old,
high-school drop
                > outs (males) in a National Guard program for at-risk kids,
and am looking
                > for a book on about the 6th or 7th grade reading level
that will knock
                > their socks off.  They are very interested in learning,
but have never read
                > for pleasure.  (Since I teach at an all-female
institution, I really
                > haven't paid much attention to literature for males, plus
I never need
                > anything on that level.)
                > If you can offer any suggestions, I would be very
                > Ann Marett Fleshman
                > Director, Academic Skills
                > Columbia College
                > Columbia, SC  29203
                > (803)786-3705