Here at Towson University, our freshmen come during a two-week period in
July for "taking care of business"...i.e., ID cards, parking passes,
housing, food service, computer accounts, etc., etc., etc.  By this time,
they have been sent a schedule for their first semester that has been
designed based on answers to a series of questions sent to them with their
acceptance packet.  They may either confirm or make changes to their
schedule at this time.  It is NOT our Orientation program, which takes place
for the four or five days prior to the start of the fall semester.  We do
offer testing during the July schedule, but most of our students will have
tested already as we start testing in April.

Our transfer students come during another two-week period in July for all of
the above items AND to register for classes, so we test then also, but again
many of them will have already been tested and notified of their results,
since most of our transfer students are local.  Their Orientation program is
also at the end of August, before the semester starts.


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Hello, Colleagues,
   Does your college require summer Orientation for students, and if so,
what does that day consist of?  If you do require placement testing, can
it be done that day?  Do students meet their department heads for
advising and scheduling that day?  How do students who do not attend
Orientation receive their schedules and advising?
    Thank you -
    Debbie Carley, New Hampshire Technical Institute