Recently I received notification (see below) of the Southwest Texas State
University Institute for Developmental Educators, which focuses on using
technology with developmental students.

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From: David C. Caverly, Ph.D.
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Sent: 03/10/2000 9:11 AM
Subject: SWT TIDE Institute


Made summer plans yet?  Why not spend a week with your colleagues
building your technology skills?

Once again this summer Southwest Texas State University (SWT) in
partnership with CRLA and NADE will be offering the Second Annual
Technology Institute for Developmental Educators, better known as
SWT-TIDE.  Modeled after the highly successful Winter Institutes by
Frank Christ, this is 5 days of mentoring and hands-on practice to hone
your technology skills. Designed by and for developmental educators, you
will have an opportunity to learn new technology skills, complete
technology projects, and enjoy a technology vacation.

Check out our webpage for more detailed information, the list of
mini-courses, and a place to register.  Or e-mail me for an information
packet.  We are limiting registration to 30, so reserve your place soon!

Dave Caverly
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When I suggested to my boss that she should send me there, she said I should
try to find someone to do the same kind of program here -- a 3-5 day
workshop to introduce and train a group of our faculty and staff here on
campus. I've initiated contact with Prof. Caverly at SWTSU already, but I've
decided to broadcast the same message here.

Does anyone know an institution or company that offers this kind of
training? Although we could use some info and training on assistive
technology, we already have a lab with Kurzweil stuff, and so on. I work in
the "Center for Developmental Education," a division that includes
Disabilities Services, and I THINK they already have a pretty good handle on
assistive technology for learning and physical disabilities. So I'm talking
about a group of people here whose main job is to teach developmental
students in reading, writing, and math, but we also have the ESL and ASL
programs in our division, too. I think we would like to know more about
using everyday technology to improve our teaching and the learning of our
developmental students.

If you know of a company or institution that conducts this kind of training,
could you forward a contact person's name and number to me? Or could you ask
them to contact me directly? Thanks in advance for any help.

Karl Schnapp
Writing Specialist
Center for Developmental Education
Bristol Community College
Fall River MA 02720

(508) 678-2811 ext-2692
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