The CRLA tutor training program details that Assertiveness Training is one
of the 7 topics (Must choose 4) appropriate for Level #3.  I feel that just
because people are "peers" in a tutorial (or any relationship for that
matter) does not preclude the quality of assertiveness on either the part of
the tutor or the tutee. In my (CRLA certified)training program, we discuss
the difference between aggressive (downright authoritarian) and assertive
---and we pinpoint specific places/opportunities in the tutorial where
assertive behavior on the part of the tutor will enhance the progress and
effeciency of the tutorial.

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The philosophical basis for peer tutoring is that the student-tutee and
student-tutor are peers (see Bruffee). Thus requiring tutors to be assertive
runs somewhat against the fundamentals of the method. Similarly, when I
asked my tutors what role they played, they said "Friend." Again, while
being assertive with friends is certainly possible, tutors may feel it moves
them away from their preferred "friend" role and toward the unwanted
"teacher" role (read: authority figure). Assertiveness training for tutors
is an intriguing idea, but it would have to be thorough to work.

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> Our two year community college has a culturally diverse student body of
> which approximately 82% are first generation college students.  We are
> also aeconomiclly deprived rural area.  Many of our students need
> academic support on campus but are not seeking it.  How do I reach these
> students.  Also, many of my tutors don't have a clear understanding of
> how to be assertive in connecting with the students that do utilize our
> tutoring and computer lab. n Please offer suggestions that I might use
> in my next tutor training and our daily activities.
> Thank you,
> June ,