Hi Ellen (and anyone else interested in learning assistance):

I received this message from the listserv:

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From: Ellen M O'Keefe [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Subject: a listserve for "math" people?

I am also interested in joining the list serve for the New England
Tutoring Association.
If you can help me get information about other mathematics centers
and how they operate, that would be wonderful.  My e-mail address
is [log in to unmask]

Thanks, everyone.

Ellen O'Keefe
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Although I can't recommend a math listserv, you MIGHT be interested
in the listserv for the Learning Assistance Association of New
England. Here is how to subscribe to the listserv laane:

1.  Send an email to:

        [log in to unmask]

In the BODY of the email type:

        subscribe laane yourfirstname yourlastname

(NOTE: those are four words with one space between each. Replace
yourfirstname with a name such as Mary; replace yoursecondname with a name
such as Smith.

The subject of the email does not matter. Macjordomo uses commands typed in
the email body to set up the subscription


2.  In 10 minutes or less you will receive confirmation from macjordomo of
your successful subscription request


3. To send a posting to the listserv group, send emails to:

        [log in to unmask]


4.  That's it!

Our listserv is strictly email; do NOT place attachments to your postings.
Also HTML formatting will not read on many email systems.

Karl Schnapp