Hello LRNASST listers!

The Learning Assistance Association of New England announces the 17th Annual
Conference, "Interacting Voices: Many Faces Within Developmental Education,"
to be held at Northeastern University/Burlington, MA, on Friday, October 27,

The Learning Assistance Association of New England (LAANE) supports
educators involved in meeting the academic and nonacademic needs of
under-prepared, at-risk, and nontraditional students who aspire to make a
change in their lives through postsecondary education.  The Association also
provides the developmental educators in New England with networking
opportunities and advancement in professional development.

At this time, the Program Committee for the 2000 LAANE Conference, invites
you to submit a proposal for this year's conference.  We welcome and
encourage proposals that are innovative, informative, insightful, enjoyable
-- and related to this year's theme: "Interacting Voices:  Many Faces Within
Developmental Education."  Consider all relationships we encounter on a
daily basis including faculty, tutors, peers, directors, staff,
administrators, and others.  How does developmental education influence
individuals or groups within your institution?


1. See enclosed proposal form for presentation ideas.
2. Fill out and return enclosed form by May 15, 2000.
3. Plan for a 60 minute time slot.
4. Prepare four copies of the 250-word abstract of the session.
   Include the names, titles, and institutional affiliations of the
   presenters on a detachable page.  Please send the summary and
   abstract on a PC Disk, Word '97
5. Work together!  You are encouraged to present individually
   or along with other members of your college community.

The Proposal Form can be downloaded from the LAANE website
( under the "Calls for Manuscripts and
Proposals" section.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact
Norma Rosin at 617/373-8204.

Karl Schnapp