Jon...we provide a 5 week Summer Enrichment program for incoming freshmen
accepted on condition. Overall it helps students, not only in math but with
confidence going into their freshman year. Success can depend on the
individual students proficiency level in math. The weak struggle, the more
advanced succeed. It can depend on the instructor. We also provide tutoring
outside the daily 2 hour course. Hope this helps. Maria

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        Subject:        Summer Developmental Courses

        Our Mathematics Department has scheduled a 3 week intermediate
        developmental math course in a summer mini-session. The course meets
        five days per week for a lecture from 9 to 11:30 and a lab (small
        study and tutoring led by the instructor) from noon to 2:30.  Is
        practical?  Our Provost can't imagine developmental students
        in such a short time despite that students are immersed in this one

        Does anyone have any similar experience with summer mini-courses?  I
        not recall reading anything in the literature to either substantiate
        refute the Provost's concerns.

        Jon Steingass
        University of Texas Brownsville/Texas Southmost College