If all you want is grammar software that has score-reporting
capability, then maybe you want to look at Skills Bank. We
recently installed it in our lab (on stand-alone computers),
The program allows you to EITHER have students use disks
to store their scores (and print them out) OR students can
log in as "guests" and work through the exercises without
saving their scores.


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Good Morning!
We are looking into providing a writing center as an extension of Learning
Center services at our college.  Any advice or things I should watch out
I met with the English Department faculty yesterday and they are very
excited about the possibility of a writing center.  They asked if it were
possible to have some grammar practice software in place in the writing
center.  They envision sending students to the writing center for extra
grammar practice and drill.  The software would be able to give students
some exercises and then explain to the student why the answer they picked
was wrong or right.  The software would then grade the work and I would be
able to send the results to the professors.  (As you can see, our college is
very conservative in its writing curriculum.  I see the writing center as a
place where students can get help actually writing their papers also
Anyway, are any of you aware of a good grammar software program to meet our
needs?  I did check the listserve archives and did not find anything yet.
Thanks in advance for your help!