Dee and others,

Our rules for tutors do not allow tutoring sessions in private homes or
residence hall rooms.  However, some tutors do choose to meet with students
in public areas and open study areas of the residence halls. We sometimes
encourage this in those cases where the student has a disability that
reduces their mobility or requires an attendant.

Most of our tutorials are 1-to-1 or very small group sessions and are not
regularly monitored. Every session report must show both the clock times
and the location of the session and requires the signature of the
student(s) present. We sometimes are able to reserve a room for our own use
-- usually a classroom, blocked for a couple of hours in the early evening.
'Reserveble' space in a central location at a convenient time is very hard
to find on this campus and a normal classroom can't accommodate more than
two or three tutors at the same time.

Senior staff do make occasional visits to observe and provide feedback to
the tutors. We have had no particular problems with this, except that we
are not able to  get around to make as many observational visits as we
would like. With about a hundred tutors working with 200-300+ students, we
just don't have the time or staff.

Roger Child, Director
Student Support Services
(New Dimensions In Learning)
The University of Iowa
310 Calvin Hall
IOWA CITY  IA  52242