I have recieved many calls and e-mail messages over the past few days about the deadline for registration.  Since there are so many folks still working on getting approval and funds for the conference, the deadline for the NTA Conference will be extended for a week or so.  Also, please be advised that the NTA web site has all the information you need to register.  Go to  <www.ntatutor.org>    and click on "Conference Information".  The pre-conference workshops are scheduled on April 9 and the post-conference workshop is scheduled for April 12.  The dates were erroneously printed in the original copy.  The web site also has the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of all the executive board members.  You can call any one to get information.

    Once again, the deadline for registering for the NTA Conference has been extended for a week.

    Hope to see you there.