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Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 3:37 PM
Subject: Re: Attachments

> > Am I the only one or do other people cringe when they see the word
> > "attachment" or "mime" in a message?
> Me too!!
>   Can we have another
> > reminder of how to send things to avoid all the garbage letters in
> > message?
> Please!

The LISTSERV protocol is text only.  When you "attach" a file,
information is placed to allow the newsreader to consider it separate
data.  The file itself is encoded into sets of 64 characters (upper
case, lower case, the digits, and a few others, with a couple of
exceptions).  Hence MIME is a "Base-64" encoding technique.

The "garbage" you see IS the attachment, but due to the protocol
inherent in this newsgroup the attachment will not be automatically
decoded for you.  You have thus two solutions:

Solution #1:  Cut the encoded part of the file and save it to disk.
Then use a dedicated decoder like ESSCODE to decode it.

Solution #2:  Don't post binaries (attachments) to a newsgroup.  For
obvious reasons, it is not considered polite.

Eric Kaljumagi
Mt. San Antonio College