Logistics were somewhat of a nightmare.  However, our placement test was of
the paper and pencil variety (this was 4/5 years ago).  Each section was timed.
Accommodations were made for untimed tests, but these students were brought to a
seperate facility and given extra atention when they finished.  The COMPASS and
ASSET placement tests score relatively quickly, and placement perameters are
already established.  We had an additional component in that we had the students
write an essay which we scored holistically.  Our algorithm combined reading,
sentence sturcture and the essay for writing and/or reading placement.  We made
certain that any student who finished the placement test early had things to do
-- college ID photo, parking decals, the book store was open, the library
offered tours, etc.

    Students who couldn't make our one day effort were offered times to test
that were convenient to them.  Then admissions councelors would that the student
on a tour.  There was less structure, but the student did get some of the flavor
of the campus.  An orientation program was offered for two days before the
semester began.


Jelaine McCamish wrote:

> Jim,
> I would be very interested in hearing more about the logistics.  Our
> computerized placement testing takes about 90 minutes, though some students
> take as long as 3 or 4 hours.  (This time, since the Council on
> Post-Secondary Education has mandated use of COMPASS, which will include
> some diagnostics on our campus, we have no idea how long the tests will
> take.  We just received it and haven't had a chance to set it up, study it,
> etc.) How did you accomodate for students finishing at such different times?
> What about students who can't come first thing in the morning?  How did you
> handle testing in the afternoon, night, or weekend to facilitate it with
> advising and registration?
> Thanks so much for your input.
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