I failed to mention that we have an Intensive English program.  Student with
a TOEFL score under 550 take different reading and writing exams than the
rest of the freshmen.  For writing placement they write an essay about
themselves.  The IE faculty administer and evaluate the tests for English

The articles we use for writing prompts at Marymount are one page opinion
essays.  The first year the article had to do with giving false hope through
advertising.  This year the article was about the educational value of
television.  I'll need to double check the readability level.

Samantha Winn

d'Anjou, Sara wrote:

> At Newbury College in Brookline,MA ( a private college offering 2 and 4
> year degrees), we use the Nelson Denny, a generic writing prompt, and an
> in-house math test for placement purposes.
> We are also considering using an article for students to read, summarize,
> and respond to in argument form.  I am curious as to the type of article
> used at Marymount (topic, length, readability level, etc.) Is the reading
> the same for international students? Approximately how long are students
> given for this task?
> Thanks, Samantha, for your response.
> Sara d'Anjou
> Director of Academic Support Services