> >
> > 1. What type of tutoring program do you have: drop-in, appointment
> > based or a combination thereof?

> 2. How are your clients matched with tutors?
Either by approaching a tutor directly or by calling the academic skills
coordinator, who would in turn call tutors until locating one with an open
schedule, then provide the name and # of the tutor to the client.

> >
> > 3. On average, how many hours of tutoring do your individual clients
> > receive during a given semester?

anywhere between 1 and 40, averaging about 9.

> > 4. What percentage of your clients who are matched with tutors never
> > receive tutoring service?

10-20, through no fault of tutors. Clients often do not follow up & make

> > 5. Do you use peer tutors to help you run your
> > program or train other employees? If so, in what capacity?

I have in past semesters, though the program is faltering due to lack of
time--mine and tutors. I had appointed a number of experienced tutors as
"mentors" to run a few discussion-groups during each semester. The groups were
structured by area--a mentor with a specialty in biology would be meeting with
students in that specialty or a related one. Before each meeting, I'd meet with
the mentors for a discussion-group of our own, to determine productive subjects
for discussion. Unfortunately, the turnover of tutors (many students go abroad
here for at least a semester, and tutoring jobs compete with TA jobs) and the
number of other activities & programs that the best tutors are often engaged in,
means it is extremely difficult to schedule discussion groups, and I've been
having to search for new mentors every semester as they go abroad, graduate, or
find other work opportunities. I'm committed to the concept, but it's an uphill
battle I tire of fighting. (residential campus, 1800 students, and I'm a one-man
show. Administrating the tutoring program works out to less than half of a 60%
position. You get the picture.)

> > 6. How many tutors do you have on staff?  How many administrators?

50 tutors, less than 1/3rd of an administrator. (see above)

>   7. How many students use peer tutoring in a given semester
> (non-duplicated)?

on average 150.

> > 8. Finally, what is the profile of your school? (i.e., urban or rural,
> > number
> > of students, degree levels offered)

rural, 1800, BS, BA, & at any given time, 100 students (primarily local
teachers) in a counseling/education MA program.