> I agree that in math we need some drill.

Me too.

> Once the concrete concepts of how to get the answer and how to solve
the problem and apply the
> numbers to different situations are mastered than at that time the
student is ready for the "reform" math
> where we can then expound upon the relationships and the high order

I entirely disagree.  "Mastery" cannot occur without an understanding of
the higher order concepts, and the mere memorization of techniques is
both difficult and less likely to have any longevity.


> Eager to keep this discussion going.

I'm not sure "eager" is the correct word from my perspective.  I jumped
in primarily because I think that the reformers are on the right track
(although as mentioned previously, there are still too many teachers who
interpret reform as 100% experimentation and calculators).  None the
less, I'm glad the members of this Listserv had the opportunity to read
your post -- I liked it a lot.

Prof. Eric Kaljumagi
Mt. San Antonio College