We, too, used to say we didn't do proofreading, but it turned people away
including many people who needed help with grammar and mechanics.   So we
didn't change what we do; we changed what we say we do:  we will help people
edit and proofread their papers.  By this I mean we use the following
procedure:  a tutor sits with the student and they read the paper together.
When the tutor spots an error, she points it out, explains the principle
involved and what needs to be done to correct it.  The next time she sees that
same kind of error, she points it out and asks the student what needs to be
done to correct it, and then asks the student to find any more examples of that
error that  the paper may have. (Montessori three-period lesson).  We were
always willing to do that.  What we wouldn't (won't) do is correct a paper
_for_ a student.  This change in the way we present our services has had a very
positive effect on our image on campus.

There was a transitional period when we would respond to: "Can I get someone to
proofread my paper?" with "Someone can _help_ you_ proofread it."  Now we just
say, "Sure; let's look at it together."


Jelaine McCamish wrote:

> What will you do when the students send you a paper (or a paragraph) and ask
> you to proofread it?  Or edit it?  (Those are the things students ask us.
> No, we don't edit or proofread.  Also, students usually come in an hour or
> two before the paper is due.)  When you advertise, you might want to mention
> that you don't proofread or edit.
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