I think "Summer of My German Soldier" is out of print because I can not get copies for one of my ESL reading classes.  We're trying "Lillies of the Field" this semester; the length is not intimidating, and they like Homer and his relationship with the nuns.  We'll probably see the movie.

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I think my daughter read "The Summer of my German Soldier" in 7th
grade...she liked it and it is probably the correct reading level.
Also, what about biographies; I especially thought of Malcolm X or Jackie

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On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Sharon Green wrote:

> Ann,
> I'd recommend "The Drowning of Stephen Jones" by Bette
> Greene.  It's a page-turner that is sure to provoke discussion.  It
> is about a 16-year old girl who falls in love with a boy whose
> irrational homophobia results in the murder of a gay busines owner
> in their town.
> The reading level may be closer to Grade 8 - 10, though it
> has been some years since I read the book.
> Bette Green is also know for another book that I haven't read but that
> I understand is quite popular with teenagers.  I believe its title is
> "The Summer of My German Soldier."
> Good luck.
> Sharon
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