I was scalling the incoming e-mail and saw"Ernsthausen" and perked up immediately.  Although I know that there are other Ernsthausen's I was hoping it was you.

How have you been?  I saw throught the Kellogg newletter that you are a grandmother.  How wonderful.  I'd love to know all of the details; this is your chance to brag shamelessly.

Did you go to NADE?  We are tring mini-mesters this semester (an 8 week 095 followed by an 8 week English 111(curriculumcourse).
As it turned out, our first week of the 111 session starts this week, so I didn't make it to NADE again.  I was hoping that  I would be there this year. Oh well.

Let's keep in touch.

       Sharon Cupples
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At Roberts Wesleyan College all new students, freshmen and transfers, are
required to take the Nelson-Denny Reading Test.  The test is not used for
placement, but as a screening tool to help with academic advising and
scheduling courses.

Carol Ernsthausen
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> Subject:      Placement Tests
> I have been asked by our VPAA to find out which placement tests are
> administered by 4-year colleges.  I am urging our administration to
> administer a reading placement test as well as the usual writing and math
> placement tests, but the belief here is that only community colleges test
> for reading.  I'm sure it is more common in community colleges, but how
> many
> of you four-year colleges administer a reading test?  I deal with at-risk
> students, and I see how many of their problems stem from an inability to
> read well.
> Can you provide me with any information?
> Maria McKinney
> Director of Academic Support Services
> Dominican College of San Rafael
> 50 Acacia Avenue
> San Rafael, CA 94901
> 415.458.3781