Your plan contains the crux of the problem we are currently wreslting with
regarding email purging & backup.  One of the reasons we want to purge old
emails relates to litigation/discovery.  Keeping a backup is being
considered for information security, as with your system, but won't we then
be defeating one of the major reasons for purging?

(We will also require "record" emails to be filed either electronically or
on paper with the file to which they pertain.)

Gary Link
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We're proposing a timeframe of 6 months for purging but it's yet to be
signed off by Management Team.  We require business related emails with
long-term information value to be printed and filed as we have legislated
archival requirements and normal business requirements.

We propose taking a backup of the emails being purged as a security measure
for the purging process but not as an easy retrieval spot.  The proposal is
that if someone hasn't printed one they'll pay to get it back.

Hope this helps.


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