Hello from North Dakota!

I am the records manager for the University of North Dakota School of
Medicine and Health Sciences.  The Personnel Office for our main campus has
asked me how long they should retain staff evaluations.  The Personnel
Office is the office of record for all staff personnel files, this does not
include faculty records.  They are looking at combining their filing system
with the Payroll Office and are wondering how long to keep evaluations for
employees.  How are other universities handling this?  Do you maintain
evaluations for the entire work life or for some shorter retention
time.  How are your personnel files set up?  How are your payroll records
set up?  What potential problems are there if they destroyed the
evaluations --  for example if they had a six year retention period.  My
first thought was everything in a personnel file (office of record/official
file) should be maintained until that person terminates (retires, resigns,
etc.).  I was wondering how other universities are organizing and retaining
their staff personnel records.  Currently the retention period that they
have been using is Active plus 3 years.  Active being while the employee is
employed.  Once they terminate then three years later the personnel record
is destroy (this does not include the payroll record).

Thank you in advance for your help!


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