Well over 200 of you kind souls responded to the survey. Question # 6
performed as planned   (119 responses), lots offered there advice as to
one thing to change. I will attempt to answer some here at this time.

More International stories - This is really dependent on the foreign
newspapers being indexed by the search engines that I use. The engines
pick up stories from the UK , Australia and the proud repeat winners of
America's Cup -- New Zealand. Occasionally I have picked up a story or
from Lebanon. If the newspapers website is not English then the engine
not pick up the story. But you are always welcome to send me the url or

Categories -- a lot requested that the stories being sorted in to
categories. mmmmm not a bad idea.

URLS --- always a big request. Considering trying it but don't scream
if the
url goes dead because the story has been moved to the pay per view
site. :-(
. Also from experience some urls are really very very long (especially
the Electronic Telegraph)

More stories that fit my needs or that I'm interested in. --- now that
me thinking How can I customize the news for each of you? mmmmmm let
cogitate for awhile on that one.

Question 14 I live in :
                        # of respondents
Australia                       6
Canada                          18
United States                   183
Europe                          5
Africa                          2
New Zealand                     1
Other                           4

Work experience (Question #15) 24% of the respondents have over 20
experience in either records or archives or both. 18% of the
respondents had
1-3 years experience.

Well must run and do more analysis thanks again.
Peter A. Kurilecz CRM, CA
Woodside Summit Group, Inc
Richmond, Virginia
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