Yes folks its true the Fort Worth tornadoes did scatter FBI papers around
time. Gee finally a story about records and it takes a disaster to do it.
Anyway milk this story for all its worth with your management when you are
pushing your program and disaster planning. Check out the photographs at the or (the star-telegram
site is slow do to the high interest in the tornadoes and inside source told
me that the site received over 2million hits the day after the storm so be
patient while it downloads.) All urls have been checked as of this morning
one of them is recalcitrant.

Nando 3/30/00
FBI checking to see if tornadoes blew away sensitive documents,2107,500187015-500250231-501267100-0,0

Washington Post 3/30/00
FBI hunts for documents after twisters

The White House email situation is of course taking up a lot of space in the
news. But other governmental agencies appear to have a problem with the law
when it comes to producing records that have been requested or subpoenaed.
CNN.COM 3/30/00
Burton says White House explanation 'doesn't wash'

Boston Globe 3/30/00
FOI hearing officer rules New Haven violated law in mall request

Arkansas Democrat Gazette 3/30/00
Sheriff broke the law on records, judge says

Las Vegas Sun 3/30/00
Justice questions why officials shouldn't release cell phone records

Kansas City Star 3/30/00
Editorial: Quit stalling on open records in Kansas,opinion/37745982.329,.html

But it is nice to see a story in which a government official  calls for more
openness and accessibility to records and information
Africa News Online 3/30/00
Access to Info Aids Accountability

Apparently people are becoming more concerned about what private information
contained within public records will be made available to the public (Did
that make since?) 3/30/00
Bill would tighten control of student records

The above may or may not be working

The Lantern (Ohio State) 3/29/00
Editorial: Student records are public information

What was stolen? by whom and why?
Canadian Press 3/30/0
RCMP checks claim Telus employees got phone records of rival

ZDNET 3/29/00
Stephen King e-book pirated
Hackers give e-book publishers the horrors -- cracking encryption key for
PDF version of King novella anddistributing it free online,4586,2487101,00.html

Boston Globe 3/30/00
Swiss regulator approves naming 26,000 Holocaust-era accounts

I don't care what the records say or show!
Boston Globe 3/30/00
Indian recognition focused on cultural ties instead of genealogy

Have you done spring cleaning of your computer? If not here is some
information to help you.
Toledo Blade 3/25/00
You'd be amazed what accumulates inside a computer

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