Actually, there are no ANSI standards on HOW to take density readings,
standards on acceptable density results.  There is a recommended
(ANSI/AIIM MS23) that discusses quality inspection procedures, but
taking an
average reading is not a procedure I would recommend.  I agree with you
you take a reading and meet the standard or not.  I've always believed
averaging readings of several identical targets was a way to get out
having to refilm.  Besides, if you are getting such great differences
each target reading that you must go by an average, then you have
exposure problems that need to be addressed.

BTW - I personnally define a "standard" to be a "thou shalt," a
practice" to be a "thou should," and a "technical report" to be an
"important to know."  ANSI and AIIM have more technically precise
definitions, but they mean about the same.

Ginny Jones
(Virginia A. Jones, CRM)
Newport News Waterworks
Newport News, VA
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> HELP!  Is there an ANSII Standard that states that you can
> take four density
> measurements on a roll of microfilm and "average" the readings for a
> calculation that will fall within the standards of acceptable
> measurements
> for density in order to "pass" a roll of microfilm.
> It is my understanding that you take your readings on the film and
> readings must fall within the ANSII Standard for density
> readings and they
> either pass or fail the microfilm based on the reading - not
> an average of
> all the readings.
> Please help me clarify this question/request.  Thanks.
> Jeana McLellan

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