>>In 1952, civil service exams used 30 wpm as the minimum standard for
typists on either mechanical or electric typewriters.
Dick Montgomery
21st Century Cooperative<<

>>Years ago, IBM used the standard of 32 keystrokes per minute.
Ginny Jones<<

>>That sounds really off. It only calculates to 1920/hour. Good
data entry operators have production rates of 10k/hr to 12k/hr
or more. And even average typists can do 40 - 50 wpm. Am I
missing something here?

Jim Savage<<

I agree with Jim.  Thirty two keystrokes a minute is in the range of 6
per minute in typing speed.  The 1952 minimum requirement of 32 words
minute wouldn't even get you a interview or training spot at the data
shops I am aware of.  Averages of 18,000 to 20,000 keystrokes per hour
higher), five days a week, are not all that uncommon(19,000 cph = 60+
Some of the staff I am aware of have been doing it for several years.

Bill Roach, CRM
North Dakota ITD/Records Management

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