Dick Montgomery wrote:
>Perhaps a set of good practices should be discussed, decidedu pon, 
recommended by the record managers reading this mail list.

OK, I'll take a shot:

- Employees are notified that they are subject to monitoring as part of
organizations normal e-mail policy, and as part of their
training/orientation. That policy is restated via regular global
(say, once every 6 months or annually).
- A system is set up to document use of monitoring tools, including a
process of approval of use that shows cause for monitoring to proceed.
does not preclude monitoring carried out at random intervals, as long
whatever policy followed is documented. I think blanket monitoring is
unnecessary, and may present more problems than it is worth. Also
in the approval process is a regular review to determine if monitoring
continues to be necessary. In union shops, it would probably be wise to
a union representative involved in this process. It also might not be a
idea to provide cultural diversity training to those involved in
if that has not been done as part of the organization's regular
training. I
could see such a system being vulnerable to accusations real or
imagined of
targeting minorities.
- Training for users of the system is required and documented to
abuse, and to indicate proper utilization. I would almost feel more
comfortable if monitoring was carried out by seperate staff/agency
role in this was part of their regular duties. They can then report
to concerned managers.
- Responses to monitoring issues must clearly state which organization
policies were violated, and be tied to the organizations HR policies,
example, of progressive discipline and managing substandard
- Retention of monitoring-generated records is tied to personnel
policies (ie. disciplinary records, performance evaluations, etc...)
action is taken. If not, monitoring-generated records are disposed of
regularly and quickly.
Basically, your "normal course of business" type of stuff.

Dwight Wallis, CRM
Multnomah County Records
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