If you submitted a message to the old server today
but did not receive confirmation that it had been
posted, please resubmit your message.  The old
list has been shut down and along with it the
message queue.

Approvals will be batch processed as I have time,
usually early morning and late night, until further

The archives web interface will appear in the footer
sometime in the next day.  The old archive files will
be added incrementally in reverse order over a period
of 2-3 weeks.  Weekly notification of archives updates
will be posted until the process is complete.

Clarification -

If you need to unsubscribe, subscribe a new address, set
mail/nomail/digest, the correct address is

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The address for posting messages is [log in to unmask]

The addresses are case-insensitive and reproduced here in
CAPS to distinguish the "-L" addition to the old "RECMGMT"
title of the list.

Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the new home.

Listmom Marc

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