Yes once again it is time for the Friday compendium of websites. Totally
off-topic to both lists, but a way to relax on Friday after a rough week at
work. This is meant to be fun, to amuse and sometimes teach you something .
So as was said last week. If you are not interested do not proceed any
further. DELETE this message. You have been warned! Thank you

Drink seems to be the big ones this week.
You have probably heard the term mead at some time during your short time on
this planet. An ancient drink you concept of it is probably half-right. well
try this site. not pretty, no graphics, but lots of text. That will hopefully
answer your questions.

Ah beer, the stuff found in kegs and in bellies, but definitely not the swill
produced by the major brewers. During the last ten years boutique beers,
brewpubs and homebrew have become commonplace. Mericuns have discovered that
not all beers are alike. So check out this interesting website.

Personally I prefer a good plonk, Give me one of the real vintages and I
couldn't distinguish between it and MD20-20. So hopefully this site will
raise my tastes above gutter level

Now that you have the wine and beer for your bar you will need recipes and
tools for cocktails so check out Bar-ONe

OK lets head on to something a little more intellectual. Do you like
antiques? Collect books? I know that there is at least one of you out there
that likes stamps.
What makes a planograph different from intalgio from relief? don't know?
Neither do I. well then this site will solve that problem

Next time you are in your local bookstore check out the children's section.
Look at the illustrations of some of the books. Who are the people that do
this work. Don't know then this site will help you out. Be patient it is
slowly being migrated to another location but it really looks interesting.

Yes we are going to meet Phil A. Tely again. This site will probably tell you
more about stamps then you could imagine, 30 sections on the care and feeding
of stamps.

Did you know that every stamp ever produced has been assigned a unique
catalog number? Actually there are three numbers and no cross-index. Well if
you collect stamps the owne of this site will provide you with the
cross-index for free via email

How about pottery? Learn all about Stoke-on-Trent the English city famous for
its pottery.

How about an online book. Try this site out.Every one free over 10,000!

Finally this site is for the generalist or serious collector.

Yes folks this is for the surprises. (Hey it is the day before April Fool's
Day). Nothing dirty, nothing rude, but just fun and a good illustration of
what can be found on the web.

Well thats all folks! Until next week. If you have a site that you would like
included in this compendium. Please send it to me privately . Thanks

peter kurilecz
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