There are hundreds  of extensions, and anyone may institute a new extension
at any time. Both Dos and Windows recognize all extensions if they are no
longer than 3 digit.  In Windows, the operating system recognizes these
extension and allows the user to assign an executable program to each
extension. For example, files written by Microsoft WORD are assigned the
extension DOC. When you call for a file ending in DOC, the operating system
automatically brings up Word to read the file for you so you can print,
modify, read, or do other modifications on the file. Other operating systems
will allow longer extensions. HTML is an example of a longer extension.

If you were to put together a complete filing system for all three digit
number possibilities, you would have to allow for all permutations from A to
ZZZ. Assuming you put lower and upper case letters combinations together,
then the permutations would be 26 to the third power or 17,576 permutations.
If you also included numbers then the figure would 36 to the 3rd power or
46,656 permutations.

Using 4 digits would increase this to 36 to the 4th power or 1,679,616

I cite all this useless drivel for just one reason.  Can you imagine how big
a set of paper files would have to be to handle all this, and how long it
would take to search for a document filed in this way?   It would be duck
soup for a computerized system. A good computerized system could conduct a
search of documents filed in this manner in a few seconds.

I only know perhaps 75 to 100 extensions myself, and I do not know how many
are out there currently. I do know that every one who writes a program
chooses existing or creates new extensions to use with the program, so the
total is increasing every day.

You can see how many are in your computer anytime. Just use the online help
system to tell you how. You may be amazed at how many there are.
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> Hello -
> I'm new to the list.  My name's Brigid and I work in the Records Managment
> Unit at WorkCover Corporation in South Australia.
> I am currently working as part of a team, trying to introduce the
> Corporation to the idea of Electronic Records Management, and set up an
> electronic records management system.
> I'd be really grateful if anyone could help me with this one.
> Is there a list of file extensions for DOS/Windows files available?
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