Matthew:  I have to strongly disagree.  Unless there is a
opinion or bar ethics opinion in your state which states to the
client files are not the property of the law firm, they are the
property of
the client.  The minute that a client writes a letter of authorization
directing a firm to release its file to an attorney of their choice,
file cannot be "messed with." After appropriate due diligence
the file must be transmitted to the client or the client's designated
representative (in this case, the attorney leaving the firm). 
Regardless of
which procedures a firm follows, I've never heard of transfers being
differently for different categories of attorney. If a law firm chooses
handle transfers this way, it is getting into very muddy ethical

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This does depend.  It has been my experience that if it is a partner
brought the client into the Firm, you do release most if not of the
they ask for (generally he or she requests an index from which they
what they want).  If it is an attorney, you only release personal
(their attorney work product with the client) everything else remains
property of the Firm.

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> What are your thoughts on this subject?
> Upon client release, should the attorneys be given the files in
> entirety to take with them?
> Should specific material be removed from the file?
> What, if anything, should the original firm maintain on the file?
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> Barbara Embick, CRM