Just how long will that last on that technology? It seems that we are
having discussions on both listservs as to how long information will
last on
a particular piece of media, AND under what conditions are the best
storing a particular media type.
Well the following story I think will definitely answer some of those
questions. Don't thank me, thank Donna Luna for finding it.

Cobb: Baseball Was My Prison
Rare Interview With Cranky Sports Legend Surfaces
Associated Press 

Also recently discovered
Boston Globe 3/15/00
Two unpublished Goethe poems discovered in Strasbourg library


Associated Press 3/15/00
Houses passes exemption to open records law


Kansas City Star 3/14/00
KC Police seize records from Land Trust  of Jackson County offices,local/37744ea5.313,.html 

Peter Kurilecz CRM, CA
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