NB - Before you proceed any further. The following has nothing, nichts,
zilch, zero, null, zip to do with either records management or
archives. So
delete this posting now.

Yes its been a hard week at work and you want to relax so what do you
surf the net. Here are some interesting websites that are also
Nothing that is lewd, crude or socially unacceptable. In fact  you
might even
learn something new. So enjoy

Have you ever wondered how to calculate something beyond the standard
or square footage? Well the following website has more on line
than you can shake a fist at. You can definitely get lost in here. 

Yes spring is in the air. Time to clean up the tennis racquet and golf
Well for those who are more inclined to the Mr. Walton's piscatorial
this site will prove interesting. 

If you prefer indoor activities such as philately (say that real fast)
the following two sites well peak your interest 

"The pause that refreshes", "10-2-4", "it's the real thing", "You're a
Pepper, I'm a Pepper", "RC Cola and a moon pie", "Big Red", Nehi are
phrases or names related to beverages that at one time or another have
quenched our thirst. Well check out the following two sites. The first
is for
a beverage whose name entered the American lexicon 

The next site is related to a beverage that is drunk in a variety of
sweetened, unsweetened, with milk, with lemon, hot, cold, sun-made, but
ever manner you have it you still need the following 

Ok so you want something a little more serious so you can show your
boss that
the internet contains useful information. well then this site is for

Have you ever wanted to truly punish that patron or fellow employee who
truly annoying, then take a look at this one; 

For you music fans 

AND finally for those who just want to get away from it all. Head on
out to
Bobby Troup's favorite highway, the byway referred to by many as our
highway, you know the one you get your kicks -- 

More next week -- MAYBE!, DEPENDS
Have a safe and happy weekend

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