Hello, I'm new to this list.
My name is Jakob Skopicki.
I work for Sanyo France, in a Paris suburb.
Among other things, I design the "WorkLift" Record/Document management
program that includes a document-centric Workflow.
Since our End-user experience is limited to France and Germany, I would
to discuss and learn about End-user requirements in the USA and other

Basically I believe that Record/Document management, can be automated
more than 50% of all document types and  probably 80% of total
This however is largely dependent on local legislation and work

My purpose in joining this list, is to learn about these points and to
determine if our approach is as valid elsewhere as it is in Europe.

Therefore the topics I am most interested in, include:

Legal requirements for document conservation (On a country base.
Possibly in
the USA on a state base if different regulations apply).
When must the produced document be an original. ( as opposed to a copy
the original)
What percentage of current "Original" records are actually "Copies".
Do users object to automation. If so, why?

In the course of my postings, it may be unavoidable to point to my
in order to illustrate how I propose to resolve a given problem, or to
out, how mistaken an approach one can make in good faith.
No offence is intended. If you feel it is offensive please contact me
give me a chance to explain my point, or understand yours.

Jakob Skopicki
Sanyo France
8, Av. Leon Harmel
92160 Antony

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