Greater New Orleans Chapter of the Association of Records Managers and
Administrators (GNO-ARMA) invites you to attend the National Records and
Information Managers Week 2000 Seminar "The Essentials of Computer
Discovery & Electronic Risk Control"

Presented by:  Shawn Howell--Computer Forensics Inc. and  Mark Latham,
Attorney At Law, Liskow and Lewis

When:  April 7, 2000
Where: Port of New Orleans, 1350 Port of New Orleans Place, New Orleans, LA
Time:  8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Cost:   $75.00 (Continental Breakfast & Catered Lunch Included)

Attention Business Professionals: Do you know what’s lurking on your PC or
network system?  It isn’t unusual to find dozens of copies of sensitive
documents, in several different versions, residing on a variety of computer
drives and backup files.  Even after being "deleted", these records are
accessible, discoverable and admissible.  Could these kinds of electronic
records "haunt" you in litigation?

To learn more about this intriguing subject, join GNO-ARMA for this NRIMW
seminar. In the first half of this presentation, Shawn Howell and Mark
Latham will examine how computer evidence is used in civil and criminal
cases.  Working nationally and internationally, Computer Forensics™ Inc.
has uncovered e-mail and other computer files that prove fraud, theft, age
discrimination, bad faith, and other wrongdoings.  Learn how forensic
experts search through computer systems to gather evidence and recover
"lost" files to make their case.  Topics covered include the types of data
recoverable, e-mail forensics, and techniques for collecting computer-based

In the second half of this presentation, Shawn and Mark will discuss the
components of an effective electronic risk control plan, addressing the
entire life cycle of computer based files—from document creation through
storage, retention and destruction.  Topics covered include bringing
together your company’s risk control team, establishing risk control plan
objectives, and how to implement and audit the risk control plan.

Join us for lively and informative sessions and take back information you
can use to assess what is on your computer system and how to start creating
an electronic risk control plan for your office.

To register contact Charlene Venta by 4-4-2000 at [log in to unmask]