In response to Dwight saying:

> IMHO, use of the tool would have to follow strict guidelines, and be
> performed by carefully trained and qualified individuals that are familiar
> with the operations being monitored. I see less circumstances where the
> blanket use of such a tool would be justified on an enterprise wide basis,
> and I think you'll agree with me that sneaking in after dark to install
> a tool is probably not advisable.

I most certainly agree, and there is a big need to be up front with the
BUT, employee workstation hard disks are RECORDS. Ideas, opinions, chit chat
etc can all be targeted for disclosure in legal actions.  Several large
I know of completely discard and trash their workstations every three to
four years, not only to update the stations but also to wipe out

This area is a gold mine of opportunity for lawyers in civil cases.  It MUST
controlled by establishing good employee practices and enforcing them.

Perhaps a set of good practices should be discussed, decided upon,  and
recommended by the record managers reading this mail list.