Hi Folks!
This request for tutor training exercises certainly has generated a lot
of interest. I am wondering how these ideas could be collected,
coordinated and distributed.  I would be willing to help. I am also
interested in a variety of role-play scenarios that would be appropriate
for a community college.  I have coordinated a peer tutoring program for
6 years and during this time I have collected a variety of "goodies"
(often times from conferences --NYCLSA/NTA) but I am always looking for
new and fresh ideas.  With each training (be it a one-hour session or a
day workshop) I try to incorporate an activity and/or role-play to
demonstrate the various themes.  I tell the students that the training
sessions should resemble tutoring session (specifically study groups)
because it is my charge to provide them not only with information but an
avenue to understand the information they are being presented with.  It
is a collaborative effort presented in a creative, multi-sensory way. I
have a favorite that I would like to share with the list.  It was given
to me by a fellow colleague.  This has always worked well for me and I
use it in training and presentations in our College Success course.

I ask if all would like to participate in a game.  (They always agree.)
I distribute a square sheet of paper and a pencil.  I say that they name
of the game is Say That Again!  I mention that I would like to read the
8 steps aloud only once, and would that be alright with them? (Once
again, they always agree.  Students want to please.  Actually I am
setting them up.)  I ask if there are any questions and if not I will

*       Fold this square piece of paper in two along the diagonal.  Now
you have a triangle.
*       Mark a point on the diagonal 1/3 of the distance starting from
the left angle, and another at the middle of the triangle's left side.
*       Fold the left angle along the line between the two points so
that the left angle reaches toward the right side.
*       Now draw a point at the middle of the right side.
*       Draw another point at 1/3 of the diagonal starting for the angle
of the right.
*       Draw a line between those two points and fold along the line you
have just drawn.
*       Separate the two angles of paper at the top of the old triangle.
*       You have made a paper cup; now open the cup!

I have never had a tutor complete this activity successfully and without
aggravation.  After this exercise we outline on the board
responses to the following questions:  How did this activity make you
feel?  (Responses:  stupid, frustrated, confused.....)
What would have made this activity easier?  (Responses:  copy of the
instructions, work with a partner, slow down the reading, demonstation,
purpose/knowing what the end product would be....)   Discussion:  These
feelings are equally shared by the students you are going to work with.
Their suggestions for making the activity easier, are similar suggestion
in tutoring.  This activity generates lots of interesting discussion.
Hope it helps!

Teresa Hoercher
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Tutorial Coordinator
Cayuga Community College