Hello Sara,

It's always easy to respond to a listserv question, because we can't
possibly have all of the information that you do.  So please understand
that this message is only written in regard to the information you
provided.  Please understand also that we ALL face issues like this and
appreciate your candor.  Here are some thoughts; take them for what they
appear to be worth:

1.  Are you thinking about ways in which the student can "access" all of
the same opportunities as the other students?  Or has this perhaps become
a "success" issue instead?

2.  It seems as if several people including a past V.P. took the concept
of grades and waivers a bit too lightly.  There is no law that says that a
school MUST offer a course waiver (certain conditions must be met by the
institution and the student first) and certainly grades should not be
artificially inflated simply because the student may or may not have some
sort of disability.

3.  Is Joe's difficulty directly related to his disability and have you
made every reasonable effort to accomodate his right to equal access?

4.  Are you co-dependent on Joe's success to the point that you and your
colleagues tie your own feelings of self-worth and self-accomplishment to
HIS need to graduate?

5.  I guess the most important question you might ask yourself is "After
all the tutoring, the grade inflation, and the course waiver has Joe
demonstrated, like all of our students must demonstrate, that he has met
the standards and requirements for graduation from our institution?"  If
the answer is "No", then perhaps you are doing this man no favor by
giving him a degree that he did not earn.  If the answer is "Yes", then
attending his graduation and cheering loudly for him would be appropriate.


Pat Schutz